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A mechanics workshop that will will a car with a roadworthy certificate over the phone, without actually inspecting the car at all.
The Laser wouldn't pass an inspection without alot of work, so I got a phoneworthy done by some dodgy workshop in Bankstown
by derpderpderpperd September 22, 2009
A hookup that is good looking enough to be the background of your phone without catching shit from your friends.

It is added to the scale of describing ones potential or past hookup, slampiece, or person of interest's level of sexy. The scale is now as follows:
Ugly < if i was drunk < doable < decent < phone worthy < dime
John: Is that the girl from last night on your phone?
Rob: You know it.
John: Good call, shes def PHONE WORTHY

John: Look at the blonde at the end of the bar, shes a total dime.
Rob: Eh, not quite a dime, but still PHONE WORTHY
by Eta Bro December 08, 2010
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