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Those times where you leave your cellular device on a table or hard surface and when left on vibrate rings making a brrrrrrt-brrrrrrrt-brrrrrt sound. Similar to it's organic cousin but is purely technological.
The Phonefart includes iphones, blackberries, zack morris' telephone, any cellular device left on a table.
by toytony February 13, 2011
When your silent-mode phone vibrates on a hard surface and makes a loud buzzing sound, like flatulence.
I put my phone on silent for class, but still got in trouble after a phone-fart.
by SirSolarSeven January 27, 2016
A phone fart is when you (or the person on the other line) accidentally hits one of the number keys on his/her phone, resulting in a jarring high pitched noise that assaults the ears of both parties.
I hung up on Ben after he phone farted like five times. My ears are ringing!!!
by Clarin June 17, 2009
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