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A conveniently located cell phone charging station; usually at an airport, restaurant, bar, concert hall, music festival or live event.

Commonly misspelled as two words.
Peter: Awe man, my phone is dead and I left my phone charger at home.
Clark: No problem, let's find a PhoneBar so you can charge that pos android.
by ClarkKent08 December 02, 2013
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The act of making phone calls to random people in your cell phone when you are at the bar, driving home from the bar, or when you get home from the bar. These phone calls are made while heavily intoxicated. More times than not, these calls are not remembered until you check your call log the next morning or when you are reminded by a friend or by the person you called.

Phone Bar can also apply to text messaging under the influence of alcohol.
Dude, you were wasted last night. You must have phone bar-ed every girl in your cell.
by JayZaldo November 01, 2008
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