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A person who threatens, or harasses another person over the phone, but wouldn't have the courage to do it in person.
She called my house today, and cursed me out, and threatened to beat me up, but when I saw her in school earlier today, she couldn't look me in the eyes. She's a punk! She just a phone-thug!
by M. J. Allicott May 11, 2007
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An individual who sends threatening messages over the phone but is not able to fulfill those threats in person. To break it down, their all talk over the phone but when you see them in person, their scared or may even pretend like they didnt say anything lol....scared as fuck!!!
Tiana talking about Shanae from BGC 11 : "she wanna talk on the phone and be a phone thug" LMAO - Prime example
by T0404 December 05, 2013
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