When sitting anywhere but a car especially with your cellphone on silent. Every slight bump and jolt seems like it is vibrating. This is especially traumatic when you actually are waiting for some important call.
Dude 1: What the hell is that guy doing?
Dude 2: The one with torn clothes and wild eyes?
Dude 1: Yeah, he's pulling his cell from his pocket every twenty seconds.
Dude 2: Oh, that's just phone paranoia.
#cellphone #phone #mobile #panic #paranoia #insane
by TheManicChipmunk August 07, 2012
Top Definition
The fake mental condition of constantly thinking your mobile phone is vibrating in your pockets, signalling a call or a message, when in reality, it isn't and there was no call or message. This leads to the phone owner constantly pulling their mobile phone out to check.
Person 1: -Checks Phone. Dude! I think have phone paranoia!
Person 2: Ah I've had that for ages, it's so annoying
Person 1: Definitely, i look like a fool always checking my phone.
#mobile #phone #paranoia #mental #condition
by Coopeeeey(: July 16, 2010
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