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Phombie: (phone zombie) a person who is staring at their mobile device or phone in an emotionless daze. Often so fixated on their display screen, in a zombie like state, that they are completely oblivious of other people and their surroundings. Someone can be a phombie for a brief moment or for long periods of time. crackberrytext addicttext-a-holic
(Girl talking to her friends) She was such a phombie last night. She didn’t talk to anyone at the party. All night long she just sat in the corner, ignoring everyone, texting and staring at her phone.

(Passenger says to driver) Look out for that phombie crossing the street. Could he be more oblivious to what is going on around him. Texting and walking into traffic with little white buds in ear can't be good for your health!
by djjohnwayne February 17, 2010
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