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A union (alliance of clans) on runescape which also is referred to as PKU. It was founded in october 2008 by King Aladdin and Jarobal1305
The name stands for rebirth and destiny.
The union entered the Jagex cup 2010 with the runehead list SPW "Sacred Phoenix Warriors".
clanleader a : "I'm looking for a union but i cann't decide"
clanleader b: "you should take a look at Phoenix Kismet, looks like they might be the right one for you"
by jarobal1305 July 07, 2010
a union (alliance of clans) on Runescape.
the name means rebirth and destiny and the union was founded by King aladdin and jarobal1305. Abreviation that is used for the union is PKU.
SPW (Sacred Phoenix Warriors) is the warring list that was made for union wars and now also entered the jcup.
x "what union are you in?"
y "idk yet"
x "join Phoenix kismet, they always have fun"
by jarobal1305 July 03, 2010
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