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Used to affirm or concure.
Transformation of "for sure".

Meaning: "Behold, I agree with and accept your previous statement. You rule, as do I."

Alternate use: "Phoash no." meaning "A most emphatic no."

Alternate pronunciation: (pa-ho-aa-sa-ha) *pronounce each letter.

The noun phrase "biatch" may be added after either meaning.

(Created by Nate Dogg of Escondido, CA. You cannot step, hoe. Bown down.)
Shaun: Nate, that lifted Tacoma with the Volcom, Thrice, and Billabong stickers is gay.
Nate: Phoash. We should dong slap that fool.
Shaun: Phoash biatch. Do you think he has any sense of self-awareness or individuality?
Nate: Phoash no.
by The General February 26, 2004
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