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a derogatory term for the baseball team Philadelphia Phillies
I'm a huge Mets fan, I hope we beat the Philthies tonight
by jack butler505 April 06, 2011
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Down right dirt nasty, but in a good way.
"Man, did you hear that song?"

"Sure did! It was so Philthy!"
by TheFreshnessMaster12 November 06, 2011
6 boys from miller place that write shitty rhymes, do coke, smoke weed all day, and love to bomb on girls.
Have you heard that new philthy boys track, it sounds like shit!

I seen them philthy boys rollin down Echo Ave with Chris Brown bumpin, those faggots.
by doggystyleee August 25, 2006
A nickname for a male named "Philip" or "Phil". Normally associated with someone who is 'filthy' at something.
"There goes Philthy running down the field! Man he's such a beast..."
by Name Expert Inc. April 29, 2012
Adj. 1. being of, or exhibiting, extreme filthy behavior, 2. going by the name of Phil Mendel
Philthy Phil was rolling around on the hallway floor again in his underwear screaming "I'm not drunk!"
by Ross Yamamoto December 22, 2004

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