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1. A person who studies philosophy in school.
2. A person who has the ability to argue, prove anything and everything.
3. A person who has an existential crisis every 4 months.
4. A person who will need financial support from their parents/engineering friends after graduation.
5. A person who attends manyphilosophy student party's.
Sara: Whoah John, you look puzzled, what happened?
John: I'm not sure whether or not I really exist.
Sara: Well why the sudden confusion about your existence John?
John: I was just talking to my friend Billy, he's a philosophy student.
Sara: I see, that usualy happens when you talk to them. I try and avoid philosophy student encounters. Quick, let's get you to a science class fast!
by De Beauvoir's Boy January 26, 2005
Lazy and overprotective over dead pieces of wood (books).
It's ok, he's a philosophy student...
by ME-(=_=)- May 13, 2011

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