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An alleged experiment where a navy vessel "disappeared" or turned invisible. the people who were allegedly involved and supposed witnesses all stated instants of people being on fire and not being able to be put out and people being stuck inside of walls ceilings and other parts of the ship that had been solid before the alleged incident. one man was reported to have burned to death after over 12 agonizing hours of being dowsed in water over and over again. the project was reported to have been abandoned for being too risky to attempt again.
I hear you were a witness.

Of what?

The Philadelphia experiment!
by crartonis June 26, 2006
A supposed military operation that occurred October of 1943 in the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. A highly classified experiment to cloak the U.S destroyer escort the USS Eldridge in an electromagnetic force-field. According to unconfirmed speculation, such as has surrounded the Roswell incident, reports emerged that the ship disappeared into a time-space anomaly and that those on board never could adjust psychologically afterward. The television show LOST has capitalized on the Philadelphia experiment, and incorporated the time-space anomaly concept with the mind's inability to deal with the fourth dimension.
LOST is based on the Philadelphia experiment.
by Guido1 March 06, 2008
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