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Phone sex. A.K.A. Telephonic coitus.
My girlfriend went away on a business trip, but before she left, she told me she wanted phex with me everynight while she was away.
#phone #sex #hot #sexy #dirty
by Neorocca January 19, 2009
Pronounced ( fex ) :

A person who listens to Drum and Bass music or Darkcore and imagines fighting with swords and doing karate ; An individual who while listening to Drum and Bass or Darkcore either shadowboxes or performs pseudo katate moves ; An individual in a behavior to the rhythm of music involving martial arts moves and / or performing with weapons

Derived from "Aphex Twin", to notable behavior of fans acting out physically to their hit single "Come To Daddy", which has a combo DNB and Darkcore musical feel.
Look at this lunatic, he is such a PHEX. Who is he fighting anyway?
#phex #drum #bass #darkcore #martial
by MySONJoshua October 24, 2010
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