The term to be used when nommin' on something phenomenal

Can be continuous (Phenomenomomomomomomom, etc.)
OMGZ GIVE ME SUM DAT CAKE (takes cake, ingests it appropriately) Phenomenomomomom
by Phenomenomomomomom August 28, 2011
Top Definition
Used to describe epic tasting food.
KFC is a phenomenom!
by 0lga January 27, 2009
Waking up to an abundance of Taco Bell wrappers. You don't know how they got there. But you assure yourself that it was delicious.
I had a few too many light beers last night and woke up to quite the phenomenom.
by TheStevenTye January 23, 2015
When food or beverage is super nom nom nom. I mean like, NOMMM!
Oh my god, this chicken is fucking phenomenom!
by G to the Ilbo March 16, 2011
An incredible eat, food to be remembered.
As usual, the cupcakes proved to be a phenomenom.
by Fiddles August 01, 2010
A rare instance of something eating another, or an interesting method of eating another.
No words can describe the phenomenom of a mouse eating a fox.
by Cyborg882 May 17, 2010
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