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A bizarre mixture of a penis and an anus on a woman or girl. It can also be associated with a group of people called Harry Smiths It is usually very wrinkly and disgusting, it is very rare to find a Pheniass without a yeast infection, and normally smells like a banana that has been shat on bye a mexican midget jew, that works in the circus. In some cultures people that have them are worshipped as semi-gods. When it is a full moon it is believed people who have a Pheniass have a ridiculously large orgasm that can hit someone within a 20 meter radius, in one instance a Pheniass explosion has caused serious injury. Unfortunately the Pheniass holder has huge difficulties in procreating as the pheniass decides whether to function as a man part or a shit hole, this has lead to the execution of many Harry Smiths as there penises have been covered in shit, I still have my suspicions though.
Because of the mixture of male and female sexual organs on all females with Pheniasses are completely Asexual.
Harry Smith has a Pheniass get your sexy on
by Harold275 March 14, 2009