The physical act of orally removing water from a partner's anus that has been forcefully injected due to an unskillful and unclenched cliff jump.
After Veronica jumped off that huge cliff with her unclenched buttocks, Mark was phelping her for 2 hours just to get it all out.
by splattersday February 18, 2011
Top Definition
Smoking cannabis out of a glass pipe.
-Hey wanna go phelping this weekend?
-Dude I was so messed up, I was Phelping all weekend.
by Stephen Kendall February 04, 2009
1. swimming vigorously.
2. swimming laps in a pool with 8 gold metals on your neck.
the surfer was phelping away from the shark on the beach.

by justin mayer August 29, 2008
Swimming, as in attempting to do what Michael Phelps does.
Hey, man, I'm going phelping at the gym later today- wanna come?
by haha567 August 29, 2008
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