1/2 of the neptunes.
1/3 of N.E.R.D.
dating some lucky model named Kayy
Pharrell Williams can do whatever he wants.
by Jenniey December 19, 2005
Man who grew up in Virginia. Known mostly for producing a series of spectacular hits with his partner and friend Chad Hugo. He has produced Snoop Dogg, Britney Spears, Slim Thug, Kelis, etc. He also is known for making the rap duo The Clipse popular in the rap game (they also are from Virginia.) His solo album In My Mind was released in 2005/2006 and has a series of hits which was realesed on his own label Star Trak. He also has a Alternative Rap/Rock/Funk band N.E.R.D. (no one ever really dies). And he has his own clothing line from the help of Nigo who started A Bathing Ape clothing line. His clothing line is called Ice Cream and has everything (sneakers, hoodies, and shirts). He also just introduced his new sunglass line by Louis Vuitton.
Yo what new music you got on your iPod?
Response: Um... the new Pharrell In My Mind album is hot pharrell!
by YungA.S. August 17, 2006
rapper, rocker.. whatever he is, is the hottest artist right now.
alongside...lenny kravits
p. diddy
busta rhymes
justin timberlake
lil' kim
and da rest
"i'm a rockstar!!"
by no November 30, 2003
slang term used instead of "for real"; in serious cases use the full "Pharrell Williams"
"Pharrell, I'm so hungry."

"Dude we just ate lunch, that's impossible."

"No, like Pharrell Williams, I'm starving."
by ShyRonnie January 08, 2015
As a verb: to bore you to death by overwhealming with something that seemed cool at the beginning.
Everyone's pharrelling me with this new joke about Obama... I can't stand to hear it anymore.
by Martin Serbia February 22, 2014
musical genius who sings like God, plus he has sex appeal

Pharrell's band N.E.R.D. (No one Ever Really Dies) is straight ill

Also Natalie's husband.
Dayummmmnnn, did ya see Natalie with Pharrell today
dey were hawt.
by Shiet Itz CHEECH June 01, 2007
Quite possibly the most overrated producers in hip-hop. His beats are mediocre at best, and the only people that like him are the girls who think he looks good or the guys who want to dress like him so they listen to his candy-ass beats.
Example 1
Girl: "OMG Pharrell is so hot! I love his songs he does with Britney Spears!"
Me: *Slaps* "listen to some real hip-hop."

Example 2
Loser guy: "Yo, check out these bapes! I'm like pharrell now!"
Me: *Slaps* and *takes dump on shoes*
by KRS17 February 18, 2008

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