The sexiest man alive .. one half of the neptunes .. one third of N*E*R*D* .. plus part of Star Trak .. oh yeaahh .. Did i mention he's the sexiest, hottest, most talented man alive!!!
neptizzle ... "I was just frontin" .. "You can't be me, im a rock star" ... He's just hot!!!!
by Ashley January 26, 2004
Besides being the hottest and sexiest guy out there he has the best music!!!
Pharrell is only the hottest guy out there!!!
by Ashley February 18, 2004
The most talented hottest bes most coolest person ever.He is the lead in the band NERD.He is so sexy its unbelivable. Hes hot and smart...omg I love him im his number1fan
1 God created Pharrell Williams on the 8 day
2 One half of the prodution teem the neptunes
3 One third of NERD
4My Life
5 Beat maker booty shaker
by Elizabeth Fraser July 13, 2005
Guy who basically does it all. He raps, he has his own bank N*E*R*D* (no one ever really dies). He is usually with his old time friend Chad Hugo producing a ton of hits on their own label Star Trak. From Snoop to Britiny Spears. He also has his own clothing line Billionaire Boys Club and shoe line Ice Creams that he created with Nigo who started the bathing ape shoe and cloth line.
Person 1: Yo, did you get the new Pharrell CD In My Mind yet?

Person 2: You know it I just got it yesterday its hot!
by YungA.S. August 20, 2006
Pharrell is THE most gorgeous thing eva! Not only is he uber gorgeous but is so so talented! The Neptunes being amazing producers and N*E*R*D just being the best band ever (apart from Shay who is a complete gay and does onthing for the band-really) Chad and Pharrell = legends.
Pharrell is HOT!! Pharrell is fit!!
by Jade Anderson October 26, 2004
Along side his partner Chad Hugo, Pharell and Shad Are the Best Producer of the early 2000s, their Beats Are Hot, Original and easy to listen Too
Pharell made enough money to BuY g-Unions Whole family into slavery
by Dr.Ho August 10, 2003
kick-ass muthafucker
I dont wanna sound fulla myself or rude...
by Cory August 10, 2003
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