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A wonderful word that basically has no meaning. It can mean anything you want it to mean. It is used to sound smart and intellectual while actually not saying anything at all. It can be used in all forms, as a noun, adjective, verb or adverb. It transforms to fit the occasion. People will pretend to know what you're saying just to seem as smart as you.
Person1: I ate such a pharkonic dinner today.
Person2: Haha, mine was absolutely pharkonical as well.

Person1: This chair is so pharkonic! It's not squishy enough!
Person2: SUE THEM! I can't believe they wouldn't make it pharkonic enough!

Person1: *Sigh* You're so pharkonic, I'm jealous.
Person2: My role model is that absolutely pharkonical ninja! What a pharkonic.

Person1: Hey, put this word on UrbanDictionary! That would be absolutely pharkonic.
Person2: You do it! You're more pharkonic than me!
by theabsolutelypharkonical. June 15, 2011

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