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Phantoon is a slang term for excretion of "poop." It was made popular by YouTubers LucahJin, NintendoCapriSun, JoshJepson and others while live streaming the LucahThon.

It is also a popular boss from the Metroid series.
I just took the phantoon of my life. ya know, IN THE BATHROOM!
by I<3Lucah July 11, 2011
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poop. a defecation. fecal matter. Originated in the live stream, LucahThon, at approximately 10 pm eastern time on May 28. The word was used to describe the poop after eating a load of Chinese food. Phantoon is now a phenomenon and widely used to replace the word poop.
I dropped a giant phantoon after eating all that Chinese food!
by gnr3737 May 28, 2011
FAN+TOON 'pHa$t0n: To do a big full daily loaf in the porcelain palace.
I just phantooned in my pants!
by Beatchef May 28, 2011

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