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The act of a special ninja maneuver which requires not only skill but cunning. Mid climax, a man must stop his ejaculatory response and punch a bitch straight in the anus. This will not be satisfactory if he finishes anywhere, especially on himself. Soft touching before and after makes it a "Super" phantom punch.
Yo, I just saw Jonah phantom punch Rhonda! She cried for a little bit but then gave him a big hug of appreciation for the happy ending. 24 hours later, the phantom punch had vanished due to the Bengay and ice packs she had to place on the rectal area.
by Big gay Al Phantom Punch July 09, 2010
being so drunk in a fight that you swing, and hit nothing but air.
Last night tony starting throwing phantom punches kuz he was to drunk to fight.
by Thomas P. Kight February 12, 2008
When you're tagging a girl doggy style you pull it out before yo ntu and spit on her back to make her think you finished. Then when you flip her over you let it go and give her a face full of NUT!!!
by AP January 24, 2004
The sexual act of two lovers putting their buttholes together and farting simultaneousley.
Lisa and Roger performed a phantom punch to arouse themselves.
by The Hamburglar killer February 17, 2010
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