a huge penis shaped object
look yonder, a huge phallic mountain!
by Tom Scott February 12, 2003
Penis shaped object, thing or person.
Nelsons Column
by Scott Scruton February 04, 2003
The reproductive organ of males. They are probably rather ugly.

Phallic- a sign of masculinity.
"Unzip, boys! Its inspection time!"
by Astrakhan April 05, 2003
a general term for degrading someone when they have just said something utterly stupid.
person A: "come on the american culture has lots to offer!"
person B: "like what you complete pulsating phallus"
by Ralphdoodledoo July 19, 2006
kyle scott is a phallus who obviously cant pay guitar
kyle cant tell you scott
by tomos November 12, 2004

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