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When a male is skined and made into a bra for a wench he loves.

Just kidding.

Er, it is when a guy supports a females breasts. Of course, more groping occurs than support...
"He's my man bitch AND my human bra!"
by Astrakhan April 06, 2003
A male that is easily 'pwned' by females. These males are usually submissive and/or shy. Almost always attractive.
"I have a man wench harem!" Eg- Chris Corner.
by Astrakhan April 05, 2003
Little girls that should be playing with dollies, yet dress like Britney Spears.
Check out your averge school.
by Astrakhan April 05, 2003
It is a school. A non-good school. Alas, I go to said school.

"TCI sucks!"
by Astrakhan April 05, 2003
A horridly bitchy sub-type of female that trash talks people behind their backs. Known to wear pink and suck up to teachers, then, as always, smack talk them.

(combo of harridan and wench)
"OMG, she is such a harriwench! I can't belive she said tha about me!"
by Astrakhan April 05, 2003
A nicer way of calling a guy an asshole.
"I swear, the guy that sits behind me should be renamed to Sir Ass Alot!"
by Astrakhan April 05, 2003
A yummy food bird. They are deadly, though. BLEACH YOUR BOARDS AFTER CUTTING CHICKEN.
by Astrakhan April 06, 2003
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