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Having the fear, or phobia of a penis. Especially and erect penis. This may cause the person with Phallaphobia to hypevenilate or even pass out.
Athena has Phallophobia and was watching tv with her friend Kevin, and he whipped out his penis and she started to hypervenilate, and then eventually passed out.
by AthenaAtropine August 18, 2008
the fear of a penis; to fear a erect or even a non-erect penis
Sorry I have a phallophobia, so keep it way.
by Dsmart June 17, 2007
a phobia of the penis.
Steve: let's have sex!...
Kayla: nooooo!! i have a severe case of phallophobia!!11!!111oneone.
by goochmonster February 25, 2008