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Shit hole on the border of South Africa and Mozambique.
The Arse end of hell!
Where shoes dont exist and khaki matches everything.
Boiling hot and Hippos fuck your garden up.
Inbreeding takes place there.
Annelize is from Phalaborwa, even she would never send anyone there.
by #causeIcan July 20, 2012
A really hot place in the Transvaal where the Flintstones originated from. Feeding people to lions and using clay ovens are the norm. Most activities in Phalaborwa are done barefooted.

Expect to see vultures and people using clay ovens and iron age ceramics.
People from the Phalaborwa should not be messed with, they gooi miellies and have warthogs as pets.
by Dingleberry01 July 20, 2012