A fail due to some specific reason which is undefined at first, but subsequently comes to light.

NOTE: When applied to forum debate situations, both parties must be unaware of the relevant specifics (at first) in order for the phail to be valid.

See also: whin, whail
Awwww! It was my battery charger! I didn't need to buy a whole new phone! Total phail!!

Darn. I should have listened to that other user. Phail.
by sheepdog91 October 03, 2010
Alternate spelling of "fail;" most commonly associated with spelling errors.
Lawl, you phail at dah speling. Lulz.
by WittyNicknameGoesHere January 25, 2010
a slang, forum-based term meaning fail, failure, wrong, or used as an insult usually meaning one is a failure, dumb, weak, etc.
person A - teh new maps suck, they are so not l337. bungie is a total phail!

person B - yeah sure you little no life forum crawling faggot. Learn to use real English and stop blaming Bungie for how bad you are.
by volcanoripper April 20, 2008
Phailm is commonly mispelled amongst the general population, and it should be noted it has a silent m at the end. It is part of the leet language, or 1337 language, it originated from the deepest darkest depths of the internet. Because it's part of the 1337 vocabulary, it is a pointless mispelling and has stupid characters inserted, like the term pwned. Phailm is used to describe the idiocy of someone or the failure of a certain task.
Person 1: I just bought a new Dell computer!
Person 2: Phailm!
by J0rd4n March 26, 2008
The act of failing;not succeeding.
Also an alternative for fail.
Kevin Ton gets a Phail in Life!
by Local626 September 24, 2007
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