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Any girl who gets drunk at a party and give a blow job to a random guy
Guy 1: "Hey bro that chicks hot."
Guy 2: "Dude, shes a Peyton, lay off that."
Guy 1: "Thanks good call man."
by skyejonesdick July 10, 2011
a lazy guy with no game that tends to be a giant cockblock when all he wants to do is cuddle anyway and lie about the outcome
Man, I was about to take this girl upstairs last night, had John not been such a peyton and ruined it.
by Vicious Vick June 17, 2009
peyton pa - tun

1 v. To overachieve in meaningless circumstances while underachieving in matters of importance.

2 adj. To look utterly confused in defeat as if one were asked to divide some huge number by pi

3 n. One who generates vulgar amounts of income and still uses a discount barber.
1. Ted nailed his presentation to his peers but peytoned in front of the investors.

2. The peytoned look on his face revealed his anguish.

3. In the manner of a frugal peyton, he emerged from his Ferrari and casually sauntered into Specialcuts for a ten dollar clip.
by Glad I'm not a Colts fan January 19, 2006
The tennis player usually referred to as Big Dog. Apparently he rapes people in a frightening way...but only when Tracy giggles.
"Tracy's giggling, get over here Peyton"
by Stillmanxxx October 14, 2008
a hick-town south of colorado springs.
I once knew a man from Peyton. He owned a cow.
by kaptainkate August 16, 2008
an incredible BITCH.
that girl's so mean. she's definitely a Peyton.
by i am NINJA January 02, 2010
any of several pretentious bitches incapable of playing interesting characters whose purpose in life is pairing boring bitches opposite royal
damn the way that girl was all up on royal was so peyton
by da e-dawg March 23, 2007