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peyton pa - tun

1 v. To overachieve in meaningless circumstances while underachieving in matters of importance.

2 adj. To look utterly confused in defeat as if one were asked to divide some huge number by pi

3 n. One who generates vulgar amounts of income and still uses a discount barber.
1. Ted nailed his presentation to his peers but peytoned in front of the investors.

2. The peytoned look on his face revealed his anguish.

3. In the manner of a frugal peyton, he emerged from his Ferrari and casually sauntered into Specialcuts for a ten dollar clip.
by Glad I'm not a Colts fan January 19, 2006
a sexy girl who has an amazing body. she is an awesome kisser and guys are usually all over her.
That girl is deff. a Peyton!
by i don't know im just me July 10, 2008
a sexy girl with a nice butt and cares about others and laughs all the time but is she laughing at others...no shes the one makin the jokes and all the older guys like her and she goes out with lots of guys but shes not a slut she just doesnt have who she likes figured out but she likes long lasting relationships and shes so hawt! she is told she is EVERYday and shes amazing and athletic very athletic and loves animals and can hang out with anyone and isnt shy and is outgoing and loud but everyone loves her for it
girl-ugh i hate her shes so popular

boy-i know shes such a peyton shes so hot and nice
by insanelycool September 28, 2009
Determined, kind, smart, handsome and athletic. A true Warrior!
A successful quiet man who is loyal to the bone.
~It's an honor to know a Peyton!~
by LuvSteph February 03, 2010
A beautiful girl, one who is down to earth and naturally pretty and comfortable being herself, who doesn't try to impress anyone but just acts as herself, never being a fake. She doesn't date a lot of guys, but not because she can't get them. Has a lot of friends, but keeps ties to close ones.
Peyton is like, everyone's friend.
by AbercrombieGurlllllllll December 28, 2010
A pretty girl. who offten has great style and lots of friends.
That girl is so peyton.
by high definition July 29, 2010
Sweet, caring guy that makes you want to drop everything to talk to. Awkward at times, but that's what makes him adorable.
Peyton Kime is a stallion
by DTF69 December 23, 2013

to hop on somebody's D in front of them.

Derived from Peyton who hopped on Will's Dee right infrotn of her current boyfriend, Nick.
Nick: Dude..... She was mine... go fuck yourself peyton ( Noun)

Nick: Wow, way to peyton all over my shot. (verb )

Nick: Well, someone's acting very peytony..... ( Adjective )
by FoxxiestPokaa December 31, 2012