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A surname, particularly from the Gottschee tribe of Austria-Hungry. They are known to be highly intelligent, logical, respectful, frugal, and competitive. These immigrants settled in the northern United States, mostly in Cleveland, New York, Chicago, and St. Louis, and would work as police officers, baseball players, and aviators. There is an ancient Slovak legend, that a man with the last name of "Petsche" with white hair and brown eyes will "come back to the old empire of the east, and lay claim to the people of Europe." The 'Empire of the East,' was known to be Austria-Hungry. Other characteristics include good-looking, sensitive, a very bad temper but a good person to talk to. They are good public speakers and have a skilled sense for leadership. They are also extremely skeptical, and are attracted to women from Northern European descent.
Slovak Legend of Petsche
Gottschee Immigrants in the Mid-West
by deckthehalls March 10, 2011
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