the over-rated bassist in the crap band 'Fall Out Boy'.
I can play bass better than him.and I'm 12.Apparently he's hot,but have you seen the size of him nose?!
petewentzfan1089:oMg PeTe WeNtZ Is SoOoOoOoOo HoT!!!11!!!11!1
me: stfu n00b.
by i like toast. May 05, 2007
Bassist from Fall Out Boy. Typical myspace scene kid, except that instead of being a teen, he's nearly 27 years old. In love with himself, takes a billion of the typical myspace mirror pictures. He's pretty good-looking, but also an asswhole. Makes fun of fans, especially fat girls. Sell out (see his clothing line, ex: $60 sweathshirts). In love with himself (ex: p33ngate '06). Sorry to diss your golden angel boy, but the truth isn't always pretty.
OMG_pete's_HAWT!1!!!!1: OMG, did you see pete's peter?
XOXO_pete'z_luver_XOXO: you mean his p33n? what a camera whore! I wanna have his babies!!
OMG_pete's_HAWT!1!!!!1: STFU bitch, he's mine!!!
Pete_Wentz_girl423430: Both of you STFU! He sends me dirty pictures of his p33n all the time. Back off! Pete Wentz and I have cyber sex all the time. and he hates fatties like you bitches. leave my emo boy alone!
by P33N Gate '06 March 14, 2006
10 things about Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy
He's a big headed whore face.
He doesnt give 2 fucks about his fans.
He's arogant even Patrick, Andy and Joe have agreed.
He licks basses (Dork)
Says "um" a lot.
Took a monkey to the VMA's as a date because he didnt have anyone else.
Still lives with his parents.
Tried killing himself.
Took pictures of his dick and then his sidekick got "stolen" and thus got published on the net.
Is alegedally dating Ashlee Simpson (silly Pete Wentz).
Looks like he needs a good wash.

Yup yup i think im about done oh not wait TROHMANIA =] okay now im done.
One time I fell in love with a cat, then I realized it wasn't a human being. It was not as sexy as we thought.Pete Wentz" <--- fucking idiot
by The_Black_Shadow_Kiss October 29, 2006
A poor bassplayer who's playing usually consists of open strings. If you gave a normal person on the street a bass, and asked him to play Pete Wentz bass lines, he could probably master it in 5 minutes. AKA All walk, no talk, he can swing around and dance with his bass, but can't play it.
A real bassist: So can my retarded grandma, it's not that hard. Pete Wentz is a crybaby emo who can't play anything.
by Team Kantonen October 29, 2006
Just a stupid, gay bassist from the untalented band fall out boy that all teen girls seem to like, might be the wang shots he posted online?
Guy 1: You ever hear that Pete Wentz guy play?
Guy 2: Yeah and he sucks to the max
Guy 1: Hellz ya
by Adam Ritchie August 31, 2006
Fall out boy's bassist. Has no song writing talent whatsoever, in either his lyrics or his basslines. I've heard more talent on the bass from my 6 year old cousin.
Every song of his includes the same notes over and over again, its just 8th notes of the root. All he's ever written is a horrible monotoneous, uncreative rhythm. I guess the advantage of this is that emo's can now cut their wrists to a beat.
Bassists are being considered jokes cus of guys like this. He and other shit bands of the same genre are just selling the same crap over and over again.
emokid: i love pete and his music
normalkid: pete is shit
emokid:*sobs* *cuts*

emokid manages to play four notes one after the other: "im soo the next pete wentz"
by ScampMcBass October 01, 2006
the bassist and song writer for amazing band fall out boy. he was born on June 5th in Wilmette, Illinois. he's very very good looking. part of an amazing band. he's currently engaged to Rose *no surname given* from Manchester England, they plan to get married in August.
'dammmnnn pete wentz is like soooo hawt!'
by fishcakebanana April 02, 2007
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