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Petanese is both an unspoken and spoken language between a human and their pet/s. It's...

~ the toot-cute look that requires an immediate pat on our back or an extra-yummy homemade treat.

~ that special call that brings us home from our out-and-about ventures.

~ a constant ying/yang - you watch my back I've got yours kinda thing!

Talk to us...rub our wet little noses...we'll speak Petanese for sure - even when you least expect it!
This dawg no speaka speaka Petanese? No? Then feel free to pet me for a big bow wow or woot!

That was some wild Petanese dude! It's like your cat knew what you were saying! WTF!

Petanese is not a learned thing...just do it!

I know Paris Hilton speaks naughty Petanese!
by Bubas-Barkery March 14, 2010

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