The day of December 3rd, when all upper-classmen (high school & college) adopt a Freshman, as if they were a pet at the homeless shelter, and pet them, like a pet bunny, but more domesticated.
John: hey man, you gonna attend Pet a Freshman Day?

Mark: yea man, I even bought a nice little cage with a water bottle in it.

John: that's sick dawg.
by magoffin_lad9 November 13, 2010
Day that takes place on the first Friday of December that is dedicated to "making freshman feel more inferior than they already are" by petting them in a loving, non-harmful way. The best petting occurs with the little ones, getting a solid pet right on their heads. It is made even better by shouting "You're so adorable!" in a high falsetto during the pet.
Rob: Yo dude, are you celebrating Pet a Freshman Day this year???

Alex: OF COURSE! I pet freshman all the time, now we can all celebrate their adorable awkwardness together!

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