A person who thinks that they or better, or hates a person for being different in any way. (Over weight, short, tall, skinny, black, white, etc)
A Bully is an example of a Personist Person.
by SP_TCW March 16, 2008
Top Definition
Someone who holds views similar to a humanist (i.e. upholding human reason, ethics, and justice, and rejecting supernaturalism, pseudoscience, and superstition), but with different rights-criteria. The main distinction is that personists believe that rights are conferred to the extent that a creature is a person.

Consequently, a member of the human species will not necessarily fit the definition of “person” and may not receive all the rights bestowed to a person. This philosophy is also supposedly open to the idea that such non-human persons as machines, animals, and extraterrestrial life (depending on their sentience) may be entitled to certain rights currently granted only to humans.
John prefers to identify himself as a Personist rather than a Humanist, because he believes that humans are not the only animal species worthy of consideration.
by stringman5 January 09, 2011
not racist or sexist but dislike without hateing someone very much for their attitude and outlooks of the world.
i dont hate Elly im personist against them because shes freaky and i dont like her.
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