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A plant grown in areas with a warm dry climate. The leaves of a Perpuntine plant are harvested and used/sold as a recreational drug.

The "street name" for this drug is "Poopachew", probably because of its dark brown, green and black color and the most common way people use it.

Perpuntine is about the same size as a sunflower, but it has long thick leaves and usually has a large flower that resembles the male genitalia.

Perpuntine is extremely rare and it is completely legal, though a petition to ban it is circulating around the small town of Barroune.

(perpuntine is fictional if anything resembles anything bad.)
"Damn it Huck I told you not to chew the last of the Perpuntine until I got back from the trailer with Chastity and Betty-Sue!"
by SeyeBleye May 20, 2009
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