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Pertaining to or characterized by energy or generating an effective energetic action or process of being vigorously active or forcefully moving or being moved, continuing or continued without intermission or interruption; ceaseless in it's operation, driven by it's own force which gives it its own momentum regardless of any friction that is less than it's own force that is being applied.

The basic rules for PDM (Perpetual Dynamic Motion) are

1. The design must use either gravity or magnetic fields, or use both gravity and magnetic fields.

2. The design must be symmetrical while exhibiting changing or moving parts to ensure the force of momentum is always greater than it's resistance.

3. The design must have a self contained push and pull or a self contained attraction and repulsion.

4. The design of the spinner must be lighter than the total weight or force that will be self contained to keep it moving.

5. The design will not be effected by any friction that is less than the total of its force, and even if stopped, it will self start on its own again and keep moving because it has it's own momentum.
"Perpetual Motion" means ever lasting movement, so why do people try to define it as "must not have any friction at all", and "must stay at the same speed"? Whoever tries to place the description inside of a box, must only do so because they think inside of a box. They are assuming that nothing inanimate is capable of having it's own self sustained force.

So I added "Dynamic", which implies that it does in fact have its own self sustained force.

The new term is now
"Perpetual Dynamic Motion"

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by Project-LifeCommand April 04, 2013
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