To be permanatly banned.
Usually for pwning or making fun of the admin in a counter-strike game.
KLoBsTeR:2 and 17 holy shit the admin is a suxor n00b!!!
admins nerdy cohort: perma-ban!!!
admin: no your the n00b(then perma-bans KLoBsTeR)
by Bret Steffes September 20, 2005
Top Definition
To permanitely ban or stop from using.
The spammer was permabanned.
by ChipAyten August 12, 2006
A temporary setback.
Troll: I just got permabanned from Habbo.
Newfag: Wow, too bad you can't have any more fun.
Troll: No, back online already.
by donkeypunch420 July 13, 2009
To permanty ban an account or entity from a service or premesis. Playstation Home being one of the many places this is enforced as a punishment. Even if its a first offence.
PSH MODERATOR: Tsk Tsk Tsk, looks like its permabans for you guys.
by J-48273 August 14, 2009
banned for eternity
noob:ban me *bad word*

mod: i banned him

noob: im back!

mod:double banned

noob:*bad word* you!

mod:gtfo mofo permaban!!!! muahahahaha
by wannafight123 October 23, 2009
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