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the biggest fail to ever come out of playstation. what playstation has worked on for 4 years has turned out as a big fail. its a 3-d online world where you can use an avatar to represent yourself. where can talk to people using thought bubbles and also do actions with it pressing r1. but mostly everyone were mostly interested in hitting other peoples avatars. every girl avatar that you see in ps home is probably a guy trying to get some attention. (note for all you guys who try to flirt with girls in home: DON'T EVEN FUCKING BOTHER. THEY ARE PROBABLY GUYS AND YOU GUYS ARE EVEN STUPID ENOUGH TO BELIEVE THAT. WHAT GIRL WOULD EVEN GO ON PLAYSTATION HOME. IF YOU WANT A GIRLFRIEND JUST GO TO THE FUCKING MALL AND ACTUALLY GET OUT OF YOUR ROOM PLAYING YOUR PLAYSTATION!!!)
by go to the fucking mall November 07, 2009
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