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breasts which are perky and bouyant. they can withstand harsh conditions such as earthquakes and tornadoes. They are also VERY fun to play with.
Lauren Grossi has a greeat example of perkos. believe me. ive seen them.
by Kevin Boss January 13, 2008
1 8
A very cute and lovable teddy bear type of person. Most girls wouldn't even give the person a chance.
Perko is like a teddy bear i want to hug
by PerkDeeze July 13, 2008
15 5
Perko is the best at dancing with glow sticks and raving to the dirty beats of gabba. He is hectic as and drives a mad as car and pumps the beats. Loves to rave it up with his mates and big k-if-a, calls him a mad as skuxx...
wow, he raves it hard out, must be a perko!

awww, whatever perko!
by Shaun Pearls October 18, 2010
2 2