Noun- A cup used to hold period goo to feed to Edward Cullen. Also used to store other smoothie like things, such as a smoothie.
"Bella, I want your blood but I don't want to kill you."
"Don't worry! I'm on my period! Good thing I keep my handy periodcup around!"
by Mirelurk Mama November 29, 2009
Top Definition
invented by youtube celebrity, Shane Dawson. In his video, it's a cup of blood from Bella Swan's period to stop Edward Cullen from leaving her because he wants her blood, but doesn't want to kill her. Yes, this is his personal ending for New Moon.
Bella: "Wait Edward, you can just have a period cup!"
by TheScrapDog August 15, 2009
A phrase coined by You Tube star Shane Dawson after making a "Twilight" parody video where his Edward Cullen character is fed by the Bella character (Brittani Louise Taylor) from a cup of her period blood.
Shane Dawson (Edward): Bella, I want your blood but I don't want to kill you to get it."

Brittani Louise Taylor (Bella): "Wait, I'm on my period. I can't believe I never thought of this before."

*Uses glass to collect period blood for Edward*

This glass of blood is the "periodcup".

"I love Edward Cullen so much, I'm going to start using a periodcup".
by iqfrenzy August 31, 2010
A cup where u put ur period.
1: Omg wat's thiz?
2:My periodcup!
1:What da hell?
2:Mm.. i put my period in a cup..u know it's kinda cool!
by EvilxsOap August 15, 2009
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