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A noun used to indicate something extremely difficult, dangerous, or hazardous to oneself or others.
Ex 1. "Igor's trip by sea to Antarctica was burdened with peril".

Ex 2. "The peril of the infection was intolerable to Scott."
by ImperialSaint11 June 10, 2013
2 Words related to Peril
Unsexy dancer that tries to chat you up and will not leave you alone even though you don't want to be bothered
There are some sexy girls here tonight.
All except that Peril, she won't leave me alone.
There are two more Perils heading our way, lets roll
by joyly February 01, 2011
Unsexy female dancer that grinds on you when you want to be left alone.
Here comes another Peril
I don't want to want to be bothered so tonight.
Lets go.
by Villia January 27, 2011

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