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verb: per-fekt uh-fahy

1. to conform absolutely to the description or definition of an ideal type.

2. to vary, adjust, shape, modify accurately, or exactly in every detail.

3. to bring to perfection; make flawless or without blemish.

4. to bring nearer to perfection; improve.

5. to bring to completion; finish.

6. to be or become PERFECT FOR YOU
Working out will perfectify your body and life!
by Perfectify Magazine September 10, 2009
To make something perfect.
I need to perfectify my tennis skills.
by Jessa Getzendanner July 25, 2007
A Magazine dedicated to health, beauty, image, success, aging gracefully, self-esteem, and more. Launched in 2007 in Phoenix Arizona.
Perfectify is a fabulous, high quality magazine.
by Perfectify Magazine September 10, 2009