Definitely a world of warcraft clone
dumbass 1: dude.. lets play perfect world and its available in malaysia

dumbass 2: dude.. I won't waste my time playing perfect world

dumbass 1: why dude?

dumbass 2: because it is World of warcraft Clone!! look at the herbalism, look at the map, look at the instance dungeons.. they are ripped-off. they should name it as World of perfect
by creativetest711 November 21, 2008
Top Definition
A not so bad online game that is pretty simmilar to WoW. its a game you can get into if your bored.
guy1: hey have you heard about that new online game Perfect World?
guy2: Yeah! its not bad!
by Perfect_Zero September 16, 2008
Online fantasy game. I think is better than WoW because is free and graphic is cool. There exist also american (perfect world international) and european (perfect world europe) version.
1: have u ever played Perfect World?
2: yup, and is addictive :(
by skanda.1123 April 28, 2009
An MMORPG created by the chinese. Pretty much a low quality WoW clone. Plus for the chinese names at least. But plagued by cheap chinese programming
Person 1: Hey dude u should try perfect world?
Person 2: I play WoW u f00l
Person 1: OMG but only in perfect world can it take 5 hours to walk from one town to another!! isn't that great?
Person 2: stop playing before you get melamine poisoning.
by nasa0003 December 29, 2008
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