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Perefra (per-re-fra) - When the space-time-continuum is disrupted by the pushing of a large, red button; Thus plummeting all of time and space into a four-way paradox, in which the individual who pushed the big red button must relive four key moments of his/her life that intertwine into the creation of the big red button. In order to avert the current time paradox, the individual who pushed the button must eventually sacrifice his/herself and their partner so that the current paradime shift can be averted and the space-time-continuum return to its original state of being. (n.)

Fabio- "Look, I wonder what this big booty red button does..."

Shaniqua- "What the hell??"

Fabio- *pushes button*

Shaniqua- " AW HELL NAW!!!"

Fabio- Repeats definition of Perefra while all of time and space collapse around four key points of his life, and eventually Shaniqua's as well.


Shanaynay: I've had 3 Perefras in the last five minutes.
by PFizzleBigMacDaddy January 14, 2012
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