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the consequence of being in an amazing individual's presence. one who emits a mind blowing intensity of perfection and greatness. being in this perfect person's presence gives rise to fainting spells, irregular heart beats, blurred vision or complete vision loss (only temporary), speech confuzzlement, impaired cognition, increase in body temperature and in some severe cases, body freeze. All effects are transient because as the perfected individual draws closer to you, his/her perfection acts as the antidote to the experienced pereffect of their perfected perfection.
Wendy: Girl friend... did you see that damn fine gorgeous element walk over by the table.
glenda: fffiiizzz.... ooor...fiiinnnn
Wendy: what is up with you woman?
glenda: uuummmm.... sppeakk... noo
wendy: *collapses to the floor*
onlooker: oh gosh a prime case of the pereffect of a sexy elemental being

pereffection at its best
by paw paw ointment June 27, 2010
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