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(1) A car with one headlight out.
(2) A driving game that involves pointing out cars with a single headlight in order to get girls in the car naked. Rules vary car to car.
"Hey, let's play perdiddle and get The Bagel naked!"
by Akusai November 20, 2003
When you are driving down the road and you see a car with one headlight out kiss your had and hit the roof and say " PERDIDDLE!" and its a sex credit ;) after ten...collect!
*Kisses hand**smaks roof of car* "PERDIDDLE" "That's my 10th one time to collect ;)"
by JordW September 10, 2005
complete waste of time. per as in complete. diddle as to waste time.
1) this party is a perdiddle.
2)this shit is a perdiddle.
by godalmightyamoeba March 28, 2010
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