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A Perch Jerker is a fishing buddy who gets really excited when he snatches a rubber lipped perch from some mud infested swamp.

Contrary to what some of the faggots on this site will say, it has nothing to do with anything homosexual. It's a term of endearment and has been used that way for decades.

Ring Ring...

Bob: "Hello"
Mike: "Hey, what's up ya Perch Jerker".
Bob: "Hey, what's up ya rubber lipped, yellow bellied gar snatcher"
Mike: "you ready to go fishing?"
Bob: "Hell yeah"
by Spot Light March 31, 2009
A faggot. A perch jerker is a man that loves to jerk off other men, and then let them splooge all over his face.
Hey Perch Jerker, why don't you come over here and jerk on my perch.
by Bork Gordon February 08, 2007
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