A term that is used when getting a boner or the tingling sensation that comes before the "flagpole raise."
Girl walks by in tight skirt.

Gross old man watches her and calls out, "Pepsi!"
by c.y.a.n.i.d.e. October 05, 2011
A more specific word for dipshit. This guy has his hair gelled every day, is early for work or school every day, is a pervert, uses medication to fix all of his health problems, has the new stuff and trends in life, he trys his best at life to be perfect and happy. He usually is a son of a soccer mom, is a A+ student, and loves everyone. He is wealthy.
"You got the $500 new type of Ipod and drive a corvette to school? You my friend are a Pepsi."
by Elite Enemy November 06, 2007
Suger water that has been turned into a dark brown, almost black, color.
Dude, why is this sugar water black?
by ass April 04, 2003
another word used for an alchoholic beverage that you are tryiing to keep a secret
dude can i have some "pepsi"?
by crazyperson1010101 December 14, 2009
this is something that you drink; kind of pop
Michaela-Hey get me a pepsi
by Bananas123332 June 18, 2008
A cola-flavored soft drink originating about 10 years after Coca-Cola. It seems to have more of a burning taste than Coke, but Coke has a denser flavor and consistancy, if you ask me. I personally like Pepsi a little bit more than Coke, but I love them both. Pepsi is also the name of the manufacturer of Pepsi-Cola.
Aquafina is developed by Pepsi.
I will have a medium Pepsi, thanks.
by Brian M January 03, 2004
piss + vinigar
don't drink it
by blah November 17, 2003

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