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An adverb for someone acting like a typical jew.
Guy 1: Hey can I borrow some money to pay the toll?
Penton: No go get your own money
Guy 1: Wow way to be a penton
by Chermang August 29, 2010
A group of people who made up the story of excalibur, a family in which the men are almost genticly inclined to cheat or jump from partner to partner
Penton : Hay baby
Girl 1 : Hi hunny
Penton : I love you
Girl 1 : I love you too hunny
phone : Beep
Penton : I have a call on the other line brb
phone : Changes lines
Penton : Hello
Girl 2 : Hi
penton : Oh hi, i missed you beuatiful, i love you but i have to go to work
Girl 2 : Oh ok i'm sorry
Penton : It's okay txt me later love you bye
girl 2 : bye
phone : changes lines
Penton : i'm sorry baby
Girl 1 : It's ok
by jkjkjk lololol August 16, 2008
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