1)The only street more crooked than Lombard Street.
2)The street on which the White House is stationed.
Pennsylvania Avenue is horrible
by Slatte December 09, 2006
Top Definition
Pennsylvania Avenue is a street in Baltimore City (the heroin capital of the world) that is populated by the highest population of heroin dealers and users in the city.
Damon: I'm outta dope man, I'm heading down to Pennsylvania Avenue.
Damon's Friend: Watch out down there, don't get your ass capped.

by B-more Bro April 10, 2007
The region of the colon between the rectum and the anus. See: pennsylvania chocolate pie, Pennsylvania Pinecone, and pennsylvania press.
"I've got a giant dump comin' right down Pennsylvania Avenue."

"What a coincidence! I'll have a giant load going the other way tonight!"
by Ep Onymous August 16, 2007
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