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1)The only street more crooked than Lombard Street.
2)The street on which the White House is stationed.
Pennsylvania Avenue is horrible
by Slatte December 09, 2006
Pennsylvania Avenue is a street in Baltimore City (the heroin capital of the world) that is populated by the highest population of heroin dealers and users in the city.
Damon: I'm outta dope man, I'm heading down to Pennsylvania Avenue.
Damon's Friend: Watch out down there, don't get your ass capped.

by B-more Bro April 10, 2007
The region of the colon between the rectum and the anus. See: pennsylvania chocolate pie, Pennsylvania Pinecone, and pennsylvania press.
"I've got a giant dump comin' right down Pennsylvania Avenue."

"What a coincidence! I'll have a giant load going the other way tonight!"
by Ep Onymous August 16, 2007