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The act of being raped.
Jerry Sandusky: Hey Joe Paterno, I just penn stated you in some COD!
Joe Paterno: Damn, I know.
by Ballboy123454321 November 27, 2011
Using power bestow and entrust upon you, using this power to force or influence young boy to have sex (homosexual) with you. Having sex with a young boy in the University shower; pedophiliac,
He got Penn Stated last night.
by PSCoach November 15, 2011
pennstated - verb

1) the act of ruining something with one's genitals
2) using your genitals to get your boss fired
Example 1: If the coach is walking out with just one of his players, he got PennStated!

Example 2: Thanks for pennstating my marriage you lecherous whore
by pennstated November 15, 2011
A highly popular term in the Pennsylvania area used to decribe a person being convinced to drink the most alcohol they have ever drank.
Usually used when the "convincer" is talking about the "convincee".
Usually a Penn Stater is used to turn a novice drinker into a pro.
"My roommate got Penn Stated last night! He had about 10 Peppermint Pattie shots, and 15 beers."
"Happy 21st Birthday! You're gettin' Penn Stated tonight!!"
(Waking up terribly hungover) "Jeez, I musta got Penn Stated hardcore last night.......who's this girl?"
by The World Famous July 08, 2006