A highly popular term in the Pennsylvania area used to decribe a person being convinced to drink the most alcohol they have ever drank.
Usually used when the "convincer" is talking about the "convincee".
Usually a Penn Stater is used to turn a novice drinker into a pro.
"My roommate got Penn Stated last night! He had about 10 Peppermint Pattie shots, and 15 beers."
"Happy 21st Birthday! You're gettin' Penn Stated tonight!!"
(Waking up terribly hungover) "Jeez, I musta got Penn Stated hardcore last night.......who's this girl?"
by The World Famous July 08, 2006
Top Definition
Using power bestow and entrust upon you, using this power to force or influence young boy to have sex (homosexual) with you. Having sex with a young boy in the University shower; pedophiliac,
He got Penn Stated last night.
by PSCoach November 15, 2011
The act of being raped.
Jerry Sandusky: Hey Joe Paterno, I just penn stated you in some COD!
Joe Paterno: Damn, I know.
by Ballboy123454321 November 27, 2011
pennstated - verb

1) the act of ruining something with one's genitals
2) using your genitals to get your boss fired
Example 1: If the coach is walking out with just one of his players, he got PennStated!

Example 2: Thanks for pennstating my marriage you lecherous whore
by pennstated November 15, 2011
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